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A Little Thank You to Some Local Businesses

With all the hate and animosity being spread online, on social media, and on TV, I think it's time to spread a little bit of goodness and cheer. Over the past few weeks, I've had several businesses that I've had very pleasant interactions with and feel that they deserve some credit. Just because a business isn't mentioned here does not mean I have any issue with them, I'm just sharing the ones that I have personally dealt with recently.

First, a couple weeks ago I hit a deer headed home from the Y. Thankfully I was in the City so I was going a lot slower than if I had been on 215 close to home. Well, I called my local Farm Bureau office that morning, they put me in touch with the claims department, and they had an adjuster calling me by about lunch time that same day. Then had an appraiser out to look at my car the next business day.  Very quick and efficient service.  Thank you.

Following up on that, I obviously had to get the car fixed.  Once the insurance company inspected the car and assessed the damage, I took it to Total Collision to be repaired.  I called them to look at it one day and they said bring it on in the following Monday.  On a side note to each of these, Total Collision said the estimate was fair and accurate and Farm Bureau was very complimentary on how they handle repairs and estimates as well.  Great to see local companies working well together.

My next thank you is for a Union/Buffalo staple.  It's where you can never go wrong meeting a client for lunch...unless you eat too much and are drowsy all afternoon (though none of us would ever do that at work).  Everyone knows that it's tough to beat Midway BBQ's meat and veggies for lunch or their hash and chicken stew.  But at the Union County Chamber of Commerce banquet the other night, they showed that they can do "fancy" food well too.  Ribeye, French-cut green beans, loaded mashed potatoes, it was all very good.  Thank you.

With Spring starting today and Summer approaching, maybe you're watching your figure.  If that's the case, try Dario's hamburger steak and salad for lunch.  If I remember right it's just $5.99 and is healthy and filling.  This is not a hamburger patty with no bun, it is a legit hamburger steak.  And the salad was very fresh.  This may become my emergency go to whenever I forget to pack lunch or don't have any leftovers from home to take which admittedly is my normal routine.  But before you say we don't have anywhere good to eat in Union, make sure you've tried all the restaurants out yourself.  Some people would have a negative review of a perfectly cooked filet. 

I don't mean to sound like a commercial for any of these places, and I have not received any compensation from any of them, but we see so much bashing of businesses that I felt like when some have stood out to me that I needed to share.  My only hope from this post that you will be inspired to share your story of how a local or small business has done something good for you recently.  I learned in a marketing class one time that the average upset customer tells at least 10 people when they are angry, but the average satisfied customer only tells 1.  Let's reverse that trend, our hometown needs that right now.


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