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Why Can't We Be Friends?

This excerpt is from an article by Steve Hatfield titled "How to Be a Pastor's Friend":

Be a unwavering supporter.  Most folks in a pastor's life will waiver in their support.  Rarely does anyone always agree with what a pastor does or says.  If he knows he has at least one person who always has his back, it gives him confidence.  Please note that I didn't say ALWAYS AGREES.  It is possible to not agree but still support your pastor.  When I'm asked about whether I agree or disagree with what a pastor is trying to accomplish, for example, changing a worship service format or instituting a program, I like to reply, "If the pastor believes God is leading him in that direction, then I'm on board.  As long as he is not violating Scripture, I need to support him."

Wow!  Can you envision the maturity and integrity it takes to be someone like that?  You must be mature enough to be able to put aside your feelings and follow your pastor and the church.  You must have extremely stout integrity to stand up and support someone you don't agree with without allowing others to question your character.  I can only imagine (I don't take that phrase lightly) what our churches and communities would be like if we had more people willing to support our pastors in this way and more pastors who knew they had this kind of support.

Now let's take it one step further. 

What would our businesses be like if we supported our managers or CEOs this way?  My saying I've used before at work is, "If it ain't illegal or unethical, I'm in."

What would our homes be like if we supported our spouses this way?  If you see me get asked a question by my son and I appear to default to my wife, I'm not seeking her permission.  I know that he's already learned to play us against each other and I need her to know that I'm with her, that I've got her back.  The same is true for when asked to do anything, we are one...sometimes to a fault (like being late for Sunday school yesterday).

What would our nation be like if we supported our president this way? We don't have to always agree. But like Hatfield said, "As long as he is not violating Scripture (in this case the law), I need to support him."


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